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Bring home an adventure 

Growing up in rural North Dakota, I spent my childhood on grand outdoor adventures. I rode my bike, jumped on the hay bales until my grandfather yelled something about death and suffocation, lost my new school shoes in the slough, building forts in the woods, ruined my pink frilly blouse painting the clubhouse, set the tree house on fire cooking s'mores. I would often come home filthy and sent straight to the bath. A special thank you to my patient mother, Marilyn. Thank you for the amazing childhood! 

This is the environment where I learned that I could make beautiful things.This is my life's work, finding beauty where others see none: like the brutal ND winter, the dead trees along the river, the flooded Red River, my smelly yellow boots, and in myself. Through this work, I have found a sense of worth, joy, and appreciation; both of myself and the landscape. 

You can bring the beauty home with you, minus the cold, smell and filth. You get to enjoy the products of my grand adventures. I am thrilled to send home a little bit of beauty (and adventure) with my clients. 


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