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Ephemeral Art show

I have been prepping a show for the new Artwise office space. They are starting a gallery. I am excited for the new chapter of Artwise. I am thrilled to be painting daily after years of struggling to find time to really dedicate myself to practice.

I have had a lot of personal growth in the last few months and can’t wait to share the work with the public. The process is a struggle for me to share something as meaningful as my paintings.

The changes in my life started me thinking about the very nature of change and how it is the only constant in life.

Ephemeral means lasting a short time. I have been meditating on that concept for the last year. I think about it when the wind is biting at my fingers when I am sketching out a painting in the cold North Dakota winter, as the sun is coming up over the horizon, as I prepare for a lesson with a student, life is a series of short bursts, ever changing and developing. I like this idea.

As a plein air artist, I strive to capture a moment in the landscape, the way the light is touching the land, the way the trees look in the wind… before it disappears. It is like trying to hold onto sand. My feelings are sometimes this way. I like to try to hold onto a little of the way I felt when I was painting in each work and give it to the viewer. It all feels magical to me.

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